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  • Canva for Awesome Beginners

    Canva is the perfect digital tool for beginners and novices! Open up a world of possibilities by learning how to use the easiest design website available all for free. In this class you will learn how to create designs from scratch or use templates with step-by-step guidance for any digital image you need. From online documents, business cards, email signatures and more, you'll leave this class with a practical guide to use Canva with confidence!
  • Cell Phones and Parenting, Oh My!

    When your child has a Smartphone there are key things you should know in order to keep them safe and secure. In this class you’ll understand recommended safety settings on popular social media apps, parental apps for your child’s Smartphone, and more! You will leave this class with a confident plan to simplify the technology so that you and your child can use the phone safely without worry. Instructor: Nickie Welsch, Social Club Simple. Zoom link sent via email upon registration. Social Club Simple, is passionate about helping Adults & Seniors use technology to improve their lives in a positive way. Technology can help anyone, no matter what age or background. If you or someone you know has ever become frustrated when trying to use technology or experienced “technology overwhelm” then these classes can help. Each class is recorded and will be sent to all registered students. Follow-up support is also included.
  • History with Kathy Simmer: Good, Bad and the Ugly: History of Congress

    Instructor Kathy Simmer leverages her background as a teacher, curriculum consultant and licensed librarian to bring history to life. She enjoys sharing her historical research with others, especially uncovering the WHY of what happened and how it changed history’s path. Join Kathy in exploring fascinating topics from America’s past along with juicy details usually left out of the textbooks. Our Congress has had plenty of statesmen, and plenty of scoundrels, with a few fools thrown in. Great compromises, noble laws and personal courage have been part of Congress. So have duels, physical assaults, lies and corruption. Learn the history of this branch of government and what it's like to be a member of Congress. This is an updated version that includes our recent "unusual" legislators.
  • How to Use Uber for Transportation Independence

    Do you hate to drive in bad weather or when it's dark outside? Expand your transportation options and independence through the ride sharing service, Uber. In this class, you will learn the basics and gain the knowledge on how to use Uber. Learn to use Uber at major airports so that you can travel with confidence and without having to ask a friend for a ride, as well as other appointments and errands. Open up your travel options with this fun and engaging class!
  • Practical ChatGPT Training for Everyone

    Have you been curious about what ChatGPT is exactly and how it may affect you? Learn whatyou need to know about ChatGPT powered by Artificial Intelligence in this fun and engagingclass! You will understand how it works exactly and why it's taking the world by storm. You'll alsolearn practical everyday uses for ChatGPT in the workforce and at home. Don't get left behind intoday's tech savvy world, and attend this upcoming training!
  • VIRTUAL SPANISH: Adult Conversational Spanish (Beginner or Intermediate)

    Are you seeking opportunities to practice speaking Spanish? If so, this is the class for you! Instructors will engage participants each week with real-life conversation scenarios to encourage chatting and conversation. Conversation topics include 'un poco de todo' a little of everything and everyday Spanish. In this dynamic and hands-on class, participants will practice useful Spanish vocabulary and conversation components that can be applied to the home, workplace, travel, leisure, etc. Start speaking Spanish today! Open to new and previous Spanish conversation participants. Basic computer experience and the ability to access zoom is required. Option 1~ for beginner level participants Option 2~ for intermediate and advanced level participants *Please choose the option that best describes your skill level to be placed with participants for matching level conversation abilities and practices.